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What Will You write With After Collapse

Have you though about what you will write with after an  economic collapse? I don't know about you but I don't know how to make paper.


Chalk and chalk boards

I think chalk and chalk boards will fill that need in a post collapse society. Chalk boards and chalk can still be found and are like the ones students used in school many years ago.

When I was in school, students used pencil and paper but the teacher stood at the front of the room and wrote on a chalkboard. It was a treat to get out of class for a few minutes to go outside and dust the erasers.

I don't know how to make paper

I can grow food, make water safe to drink, build anything we could possibly need, make fire and most anything that needs to be done to survive but I don't know how to make paper. Even if I knew how, It's doubtful I would have the time during a collapse. I do prepare by storing some paper and pencils for times like this but that is only a short term solution. I was looking for a longer term solution. The best idea I came up with was chalk and small chalk board.

chalk and chalk board


I was not doubtful I could find chalk but was pleasantly surprised that I could still find the small chalk boards in the  arts and craft sections of some stores.


Children can use them for school work. A craftsman can use them for writing down dimensions when building something. Leaving a note when leaving home. There are many uses for chalkboards and chalk.

In addition to the many uses, chalk will out last you or I, and will still be useful long past our own time. Ink pens dry up. Paper drys out and becomes brittle. Chalk and a chalk board will last for a very long time if kept dry.


Prepping chalk and chalk board

Prepping chalk and chalk board. An answer to long term writing needs.


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