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Make Tinder With A Pencil Sharpener-Improvise To Survive

Make tinder by using a pencil sharpener? Yes! You can use a pencil sharpener to make tinder for fire making. The trimmings that a pencil sharpener produces makes an ideal tinder. The type of pencil sharpener you will need is a simple old fashion sharpener. Not the crank or electric type.

make tinder with a pencil sharpener

Make Tinder

If you can find pencils made of wood, they produce a fantastic tinder. Unfortunately, many pencils are made of a plastic material and do not make good tinder. You can also use wooden dowels or appropriately sizes tree limbs, although you will probably need to let the trimmings from green limbs dry a day or two.

Using trimmings from a pencil sharpener are used in much the same way as thin knife trimmings from a wooden stick. Add the trimmings to your tinder bundle. These trimmings let the tinder bundle burn a little bit longer. Long enough to catch the smaller twigs and sticks on fire and in turn, starting the larger sticks and the larger logs for your cooking or campfire.

Make a tinder bundle

Make a tinder bundle from dry grass, jute twine or whatever your favored tinder material is. Fold the pencil shavings into the tinder bundle. Place a piece of char cloth in the nest of the bundle and strike a spark onto it. Once lit, the tinder bundle will catch fire easily. Place the tinder bundle on the ground and  put small sticks on and around the tinder bundle. Once the smaller kindling has started burning, lay larger pieces of wood on top.


A fire is a comforting way to stay warm on a cool night and to cook breakfast, lunch and supper. Some of my best memories come from sitting around a campfire.

It is easy to make tinder and it is an essential part of fire making. Improvise To Survive.


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