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Liberal Media's Double Standard

Liberal media's double standard. The occupation of a building in Oregon is being called an armed standoff by the liberal media in an effort to advance the narrative of the public needs gun control. The whole "only crazed killers want guns" narrative.

liberal media's double standard

The promotion of this narrative, in effect is the liberal socialist attempt of exercising control of the country. They really don't think you should be able to protect yourself. They think that is the governments job. When reality hits them between the eyes, they tend to change their mind. Till then, they are hopeless. Is this a case of liberal media's double standard?


No Reliable News Source

I won't address the legalities of the situation as I have not found a reliable news source on the situation as of yet. What I do know is the Hammond Father and son were sentenced to prison time, which they served and were released. Another judge ruled that the sentence for the length of time incarcerated wasn't long enough, according to Federal law, and re-sentenced them to additional time. This is problematic. That in and of it's self is troubling, and is in close proximity to double jeopardy but not necessarily a violation of law. The revisiting of a sentence, after the ruling of a judge is relatively rare. Mostly it is revisited when there is a Constitutional violation of the defendants rights.


Liberal Media's Double Standard

The liberal media wants to compare Ferguson Missouri and other city's riots to the stand off in Oregon. Lets compare the two VERY different situations. Is this a case of liberal media's double standard?

In Ferguson Missouri there was rioting in the streets. Homes and businesses were burned to the ground. Stores were looted. People shot. Many assaults from the criminal element taking advantage of the situation. Destruction of public property. A great many individuals were affected by this behavior. All of this occurred at the encouragement of the likes of Jessie Jackson. The irreverent Al Sharpton and other criminals. Our supposed President and then Attorney General then chimed in their encouragement. Is this a case of liberal media's double standard?

In Oregon there is a small group of people occupying a small building on park property. This is a peaceful protest. No one has been shot. No buildings burned. No stores looted. No one assaulted.

The so called peaceful progressives haven't the guts to do anything themselves. They are trying to goad the government into putting their boot down on the throats of the protesters. It seems the progressives aren't so peaceful after all. Is this a case of liberal media's double standard?


Progressive Liberal Press

The progressive liberal press and some of the progressives them self's are calling for the Federal Government to send Federal Agents in and shoot the peaceful protesters. The narrative of the progressive press is asinine but is the way progressives think. After all, the businesses owners in Ferguson Missouri "didn't build their businesses" according to progressives. All the other people that had no investment in the business. Didn't suffer the long sleepless nights. The long hours, nor did without spending time with their family. "We" are who built the business according to them. That's the way the progressive "socialists" think. (A progressive is a socialist. This is a term often misunderstood by the general public.) This is absolutely a case of liberal media's double standard!

In essence, the situation is, the Oregon protesters harming no one.


Helping You Help Yourself


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