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  • Get Home Bag
    Assembling a get home bag Something is wrong. You don't know what it is. Your car won't start. No planes over head. No sounds of cars on the highway. Do you have a Get Home Bag? Do you have water? Can you make fire? Having a get home bag is important when you are away […]
  • Make Fire With Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine
    Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine Starting a fire is easy with Vaseline soaked cotton balls and some jute twine. In this You Tube video I explain how to use a Vaseline cotton ball as tinder to start a campfire for cooking and keeping warm in survival situations and for camping. Share on Facebook The […]
  • Garden Preparation For Spring
    Garden Preparation Getting a Garden Spot Ready for Spring Prepare a garden spot for spring planting by using some high mil black plastic. The black plastic will screen out the sun light killing any grass under it. Prepping a garden spot can also be done by placing cardboard over the area to be used [Read […]
  • How To Make Char Cloth and Charcoal
    Char Cloth Today I will show you how to make char cloth and charcoal. Some cotton cloth. Some pieces of wood. A small metal tin with one small hole punched in it. Add some fire and you can make char cloth to start a campfire and charcoal for writing on hard surfaces when you [Read […]

Survival Hiking Pack

Survival hiking pack. Having a small pack with you while hiking is a good idea. It need not be anything big or heavy. A survival hiking pack should not be large or contain everything "including the kitchen sink". It is only used in the unlikely event of an emergency when hiking.

When hiking, you should be prepared for whatever may happen. We don't plan to get lost or injured but we can prepare ourselves for the unexpected. More than everyday carry, a survival hiking pack should contain a few extra pieces of survival gear.

making fire

Survival hiking pack gear

  • A fire kit: The kit should containing a Bic type lighter, fire steel, char cloth, a few short pieces of jute twine and Vaseline soaked cotton balls or fire starters.
  • Cordage: 50 feet of 550 para cord.
  • Small water filter: A filter like a small Sawyer water filter with included plastic bag or a LifeStraw.
  • Saw: Folding saw.
  • Knife: Mora knife.
  • Compass.
  • Light: LED flashlight or head lamp and extra batteries.
  • Tarpaulin: 6x6 plastic (for light weight) sheet of strong, flexible, waterproof material. It can be used to repel rain when walking and be used for shelter from rain or snow.
  • first aid kit: A small kit containing band aids of different sizes, moleskin for foot blisters, several 4x4 gauze pads, 2 rolls of gauze 4½ inch x 3.1 yards, small container of  ibuprofen.
  • Canteen or Camelbak: I would hope if you are hiking, you will already have some method of keeping hydrated.
  • Power or energy bar.
  • Small backpack: Suitable in size to contain the small amount of survival gear.

survival pack

Survival gear can be useful in many ways

Having a fire kit needs little comment. You need to practice making fire in ALL conditions. Practice making fire in wet and raining conditions and where to find dry tender when everything around you is damp. Making fire isn't as simple as some people think it is. Practice making fire BEFORE you need the skill.

Cordage is useful in many ways. From a ridge line for a tarpaulin shelter to binding a broken leg or arm. Having a hank of 550 para cord is useful in many ways.

The water filter you carry in your survival hiking pack is up to you but it should be small and light. This is one of those times I suggest using the LifeStraw due to it's small size, ease of use and the likely short time of needed usage.

A folding saw is used to cut fire wood. To make a survival shelter, if needed,  from cedar or  pine boughs. It can also be used to cut small tree limbs for making a crutch or for splints for a broken leg or arm.

A Mora knife is useful for many tasks around camp. From food prep to cutting cordage. If you carry a larger knife on your belt when hiking, you can omit this knife in your survival hiking pack.

The usefulness of a compass is self evident. Be sure to check the direction of any long roads in the area you are hiking so you will know what direction you will need to walk in case you do get lost.

A light is needed in the event you do get caught out in the night. Being able to see in the dark is only one use for light. Signaling someone searching for you is another.

The usage of a small tarpaulin for shelter or for covering yourself in rainy conditions could be useful if lost or injured.

A small first aid kit is useful for small injury's like foot blisters, using moleskin. Small cuts and and properly equipped for binding gaping wounds.

Power, energy or survival bar so you have something to eat and keep your energy up.

The backpack you chose should be kept small. If you carry a Camelbak, chose one with a hydration pocket in it.


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Corporate Greed

Corporate greed is destroying our country. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. It has been for years. Greed causes inflation. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer..

Corporate Greed

As the gap between rich and poor widens, the middle class is disappearing. The industries in our country used to be ran by industrialists. They cared about the process of manufacture and the quality of the product. They would not kill the cash cow. Future earnings depended on it. They fed it. In return they received milk. A slow steady income that would last a life time.  They would not take the cow to the slaughter house to be turned into hamburger, only to make a quick buck and have no future earnings.

investment banker

Most industry is now ran by investment bankers. The whole premise of investment banking is to maximize profits at all costs for the investors. Investment bankers have, for the most part, destroyed manufacturing in this country.



Investment bankers expect more and more money from their investment. Demand it to the point of destroying the infrastructure of the company they buy. Run the equipment into the ground. Don't reinvest in anything but the most basic of repairs and upgrading. They expect massive return on investment today at the expense of future earnings. They kill the cash cow for a quick profit.

I am a Libertarian and firmly believe in capitalism. You should be richly rewarded for your investments of time, money and knowledge. Richly rewarded, not entitled to obscene profit at the expense of others. The industries belong to the investors and I feel like they should do with them as they see fit as long as they don't harm others.

The people in our country are quickly approaching the point of no return. Wages have not kept pace with inflation. We are at the tipping point. Many people cannot afford to buy durable goods. New cars, appliances and other big ticket items. They have been priced out of the market. The cost of electricity, water and food has far out paced increases in wages. Over half of the people in this country accept some form of government assistance.

The economy is failing. I believe this time it very well may be worse than the great depression. I think we are headed for "The Great Economic Collapse".

Will another World War be entered to revive the economy. Tool making and other heavy industry has long since left this country. We depend on other country's to provide most of the Steel and the manufacturing of products we use.

We are at a dangerous juncture in history. This nation is no longer made of thousands of farming communities. How will people feed themselves? Find clean water to drink? Attend to their medical needs and even clothe themselves?

As I see it, the next economic disaster on the horizon is another sub prime housing bubble far worse than the one we had in 2008.


In a recent interview with Alan Greenspan, he said that more of the bank mortgage brokers (investment bankers) should have went to jail and the brokerages (investment bankers) are doing the same thing again but it is much larger this time.

If an insider, like Alan Greenspan, a man that is part of the oligarchy is making comments like this publicly, you and I had best listen.

It's time to get prepared. Economic disaster is coming. It's only a matter of time. Today is a great day to become a prepper. Learn new skills. Learn to garden. Learn to make do with less. Learn about survival. Learn to survive!

Corporate Greed

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Welcome to Survival Existence - Survival Existence.

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