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Disaster-Prepare For Secondary Disaster

Disaster. Do you think you are out of the woods after a disaster has passed? Often, secondary disasters occur and are more serious than the original event. A serious disaster is seldom a stand alone event. Secondary disasters often occur in conjunction with or shortly thereafter. Secondary events can sometimes be more destructive than the original disaster. It is important to prepare for secondary disaster.

Prepare For Secondary Disaster

Secondary disasters occur shortly after the primary disaster and are due directly to the effects of the first. A good example of this type of occurrence is a severe earthquake. A severe earthquake could easily cause extensive damage to power generating infrastructure.

disaster-prepare for secondary disasters-earthquake

An earthquake sending electrical transmission towers crumbling to the ground. Destroying the boilers and generators in the power houses and the power houses themselves. Fracturing steam lines. The wide area, long term loss of electricity to homes and industry would qualify as a disaster as would the loss of housing due to the destructive effects of a major earthquake.

Now imagine this same scenario but involving a nuclear reactor. The effects on power generation and transmission lines and towers would be the same. Long term loss of power. A few short hours later, the nuclear reactor is melting down due to damage to the mechanical and electrical control equipment, cooling lines and the cooling tank that the radioactive rods are submerged in. The cooling water ran out or could not circulate due to the loss of control and lack of water to keep the rods cool. The nuclear meltdown, in this case, is a secondary disaster. If you think it cant happen, think back to the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl. It's already happened. Chernobyl. Fukushima. Three Mile Island. Nuclear meltdowns can, have and do happen.

•It is estimated in the US, at least 5 nuclear reactors sit in earthquake prone areas. Areas primed for secondary disasters.

Now imagine in this same earthquake scenario that had the original earthquake devastation to housing and electrical generating and delivery systems. Secondary damage from nuclear meltdown and the nuclear contamination of large areas of the country. Add loss of important public infrastructure. Water filter, purification and delivery plants no longer capable of operating. Bridges crossing bodies of water and canyons destroyed. Highways roads and interstates made impassable due to the loss of bridges and blocked by fallen overpasses. Hospitals crumbled to the ground.

All of these secondary disasters just discussed would make life difficult. No clean water to drink, clean dishes, flush a commode or bathe in. No food delivery to your local store. Hunger is rampant. No fuel delivery to operate your car. No medicine or professional medical care. Sickness, disease, injury and death have become common place. Your home was destroyed. No house to live in. No supply's to reconstruct your home. No electricity to light,heat or cool your home even if you have one left. No police or fire protection. Criminals and fires go unchecked. No hope of help coming. The potential for radiation poisoning if you live close to or down wind from a nuclear facility.

What would happen if a dam up river from you was destroyed in an earthquake? The flooding would be catastrophic. Do you keep enough fuel in your car to get your family to high ground. Do you know where high enough ground is within a few minutes of your home. Can you and your loved ones be in your car and on your way within 10 seconds? Now you know the importance of having a bugout bag close to your door.

disaster-prepare for secondary disasters

This is only one disaster scenario. An earthquake. For every other major disaster, there is the potential and I would even say likelihood for secondary disasters. It's time to rethink your preparations for secondary disasters.

It is important to prepare for disasters. It's equally important to prepare for the secondary disasters that will come several days later.


Helping You Help Yourself


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Outdoor Alarm System

Outdoor alarm system. Another way to obtain an advanced warning of someones approach, giving you another layer of security.

An outdoor alarm system is nothing more than a driveway alarm with several sensors. Placed in the most likely approach areas on your property,  an outdoor alarm system can give you the extra minute or two you need to prepare for an intruder, pizza delivery guy or a visitor to your home.

Outdoor Alarm System

All outdoor alarm systems are not equal.

outdoor alarm system-driveway patrol

Most outdoor alarm systems transmit on one frequency only. "Driveway Patrol" is one of this type of alarm system. If you want more than the 1 or 2 motion sensors that come with the kit, you have to buy several kits at the same time, making sure all of them are on the same frequency. Other kits, such as the "1 by one", come with a control station that will search and find the frequency the sensors are transmitting on.

outdoor alarm system-1 by one

These "smart" outdoor alarm systems cost a little more money but are worth that additional cost. With the "1 by one", you can add up to 50 additional motion sensors.

The draw back to both of these is the control station doesn't tell you which sensor has been tripped.

"Voice Alert" Outdoor Alarm System

A better but more expensive outdoor alarm system is the "Voice Alert".

outdoor alarm system-voice alert

The "Voice Alert" outdoor alarm system tells you which sensor has detected someone in it's area. During setup, you record your own voice for each sensor's location by switching the base unit to record. It's a good setup to keep you informed of any activity on your close property.

The "Voice Alert" is listed to have a 1000 foot range. The practical range is closer to 300 feet when in normal use. Transmission distance of radio signals are greatly affected by building walls and foliage.

Camouflage The Sensor's

The sensor's will need to be camouflaged in some way to avoid detection by anyone intruding on your property. It would be a good idea to place the sensors in a combination of bird house's or anything that would be found in the area you chose to install them. If placed in a wooded area, camouflaged with camo tape or painted to blend in with it's surroundings. • Do not cover the sensor's window. Doing so will cause the sensor to not function properly. Also, these sensor's have a small indicator light that comes on when it is used and will need to be covered with a piece of electrical tape to avoid discovery.

Create A Natural Funnel System

By using shrubs, fences, thick and thorned foliage, you can create a natural funnel system to direct foot traffic into the areas you have installed sensors. Doing so, will limit areas of approach. This will allow you to cover your property with fewer sensors and will be an asset in the tactical defense of your property.

•Keep in mind, these outdoor alarm system's can and will pick up the movement of your pets and wildlife.


Helping You Help Yourself



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Apolitical way of life

I am decidedly apolitical. I could not care less which party, or should I say which gang of corrupt officials are in control of the government at any given time.

On a national, and mostly on the state level, I realize I cannot influence decisions, regulation or the making or the removal of laws. I know that's sad, but I'm a realist. The jail is being run by the inmates. Those inmates, (the president and congress), are making decisions that affect you and I. We have no say now, and had very little before. I can affect local government to a certain extent and I do so when possible and where I can. The condition of our country is not good and is getting worse at an accelerated pace.
There are plenty of things that could be done, but that would require the end of a lot of defense spending. I'm all for a strong defense but when you have the military telling congress that they don't want or need a particular weapon system, then they spend the money on it anyway, that is a sure sign that money is being wasted. It's also a strong indication the defense industry lobby has been spreading a little money around.
Money is being spent on social and other programs that the federal government was never supposed to have a hand in.There does not seem to be any public officials, elected or appointed, willing to make a difference. Willing to take a stand. Each and everyone are bought and paid for by lobbyists. It's a sad fact but true.
I live my life and garner as much liberty and independence as I possibly can.

income taxes
In our country, 53% of the people pay 100% of income taxes. That's like a family of four taking in almost two more people to house, feed, clothe, educate and give spending money too!


investment banker

The damage that our politicians and investment bankers have caused and are causing, is no longer repairable.

I have no idea how much longer our country can go on this way. I know that hard times are coming. I strongly suggest that you prepare for them. I strongly suggest you learn how to care for yourself and your family.The government eventually, will be in no position to help you. It won't matter that your child starving. Help will not be coming. You must learn how to care for yourself and your family. Time is short. It's time to stand up and take your responsibilities seriously.

This is why I'm I am decidedly apolitical.

Apolitical way of life.

Helping You, Help Yourself


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Self Sufficient Living Survival

Today I'm going to talk about living a modern survival existence.A modern survivalist is liberty minded and does not want any government interference in their life. They enjoy living in a self-sufficient way. Can produce a large amount of the food their family consumes. Can make water drinkable either by deep well, filtration, heat or treating the water with bleach. Knows how to repair almost anything in the home or on his property and is constantly learning something new. We want self sufficient living. Survival.

One of the most important things to do in your self sufficient life style is to constantly learn something new and put those in skills in the action. The old saying, if you don't use em' you lose em', is true.

The modern survivalist may not use all these skills in their day-to-day life. We will more times than not take advantage of today's technology and let it carry us as far as possible, still knowing that we can survive even without today's modern technological advances. We can be self sufficient.

Whether its producing our own food through gardening and permaculture. Storing that food by canning, dehydrating, vacuum sealing or sealing with mylar bags, oxygen absorbers and five gallon buckets. Just having that food is a great insurance policy against the small and some major disasters that may happen in your life.

Some of the smaller things like loss of a job, or even worse, the loss of your and your spouse's job, is tough. Just having food stored for least 6 months or more gives a great deal of relief, psychologically and financially to you, your spouse and your family. Knowing where your next meal is coming from is one less thing to be concerned about during this time of stress. You were self sufficient as far as food goes, for 6 months .

Having other items, whether it's feminine products for the women in the house or other paper goods and household supply's, would make life easier when something does happen.

Not to mention the larger things that can happen, such as a loss of a spouse, divorce, earthquakes, severe storms and floods. Some of these can be catastrophic. The damage to those around you and your family would be a major disaster. Having those food and other supply's in your home is quite a comfort. Be self sufficient it these areas.


The regional disaster of Hurricane Katrina was not minor to them. It was a major disaster. For the rest of the country it was a news item. All of the reports you heard and saw in the media were, "all those poor people. It's so horrible. Why isn't the government doing more"? The government has a finite amount of resources. They can only bring to bare so many of those resources when a disaster happens. Just think. This was a disaster only in the Gulf Coast. It wasn't nationwide. It took several weeks for the government to come with "some" assistance. Electricity, water and food supply lines were out for months for many people in the stricken area.

The media and some people, don't understand that even in a regional disaster, the resources necessary just to come to their aid is unbelievably large. The people in the damaged area did not have drinkable water due to the flooding in the areas of New Orleans. You could not just stick a cup out of your window and drink the water. Flood waters have sewage and other microbes in it that make it very difficult to treat. You need to have a water filter.

Do not let yourself be found in this kind of situation. Prepare for life's emergencies. Remember this disaster was regional. You, yourself, could be self sufficient with your water.

The government could not help the people quickly enough to satisfy a lot of people. They could not provide for their protection. They could not provide them with food nor water.

In a major disaster, the learning curve for your survivability will be extremely steep. There will be no help coming from the government for a long time. It's up to you to attain water, food and security. So how important is your life and the life of your loved ones to you.

Prepare. Learn to survive. Most of all never, never, never give up.

Failing to plain is planing to fail.

Self Sufficient Living Survival


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