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Lights Out - What should You Do

Lights Out

The power grid in our country is delicate. It is inter connected, one section to another, to another to another. Depending on each other to provide the necessary power each needs to avoid voltage sag and to provide the dependable delivery of electricity to our homes, businesses and factories. We have, overall, the most consistence voltage levels and most dependable power production in the world.

The power grid, being delicate, is susceptible to severe damage from a naturally occurring CME or nuclear generated EMP and, as a consequence of the inter connection, is vulnerable to cyber attack through the internet. Foreign nations and cyber hackers are continuously attacking the system, trying to find any  vulnerabilities they can exploit.

power grid

When and if that time comes,you need to be prepared. You need to give fore thought to what  you will do and what you will have to do to protect your family.

You, being a prepper / survivalist, will most likely have some type of lighting. Try to avoid using candles or kerosene / coal oil lanterns or lamps until you have no other choice. There is a fire danger with these sources of light. If it gets to the point that you have to use these sources, keep buckets of sand, fire extinguisher and water close to put out any fire that may occur. The fireman will not be coming. They like you, will be at their homes trying to protect their family.

When the power goes off, a small amount of light can be seen for a long distance and is very noticeable. People will come to light. Ever notice how people gather around a fire at night? It's in our nature. Humans are afraid of what they can't see.

The last thing you need is strangers coming to your door because they saw a small amount of light escaping from under your door or from the small gap between a window facing and curtain. It will be imperative that you cover any windows tightly with plywood or a dark thick blanket. Tape the top, sides and bottom down tightly to the wall. Cover any gaps under your door with duct tape or a dark thick blanket.

For the first few nights, most people will have flashlights. They will run out of batteries quickly and scavenge the remaining ones from kids toys. After that, they will remove the battery from their car, along with a headlight or other 12 volt light bulb. They will use that until the vehicle runs out of gas or they destroy the battery. Then they will steal your battery. If they see light coming from your home, they will kill and steal from you to have light.

Your fiends and neighbors, you know the ones that called you crazy for prepping? If they know you have light, they will be on your doorstep wanting you to share your lighting and food with them. They will convince themselves that it's only right that you share with them. "You have it and I need it".

While you and your family were doing without the latest car, television or biggest house, and spending any extra money on being prepared for an un-certain future, they were living high on the hog and not wanting to face the cold realty of life. Things can and will go wrong.

Don't misunderstand. You are your brothers keeper. If there is a minor disaster, help your neighbor if you can. Store extra food and supply's for such occasions. Hand these things out when the situation warrants it. You might mention, when handing supply's out to them that they should have been prepared. Things like this and worse happen around the world every day and obviously "it can happen here". Maybe you just made another prepper.

If the power is off for a month or more, people will be dying from starvation. It will probably be called "The Great Die Off". The ones left will ether be very well prepared preppers or killers and thieves. These killers and thieves will be the worst of the worst. Willing to kill for a can of beans. Don't become their next target. There will be a second great die off of the killers and thieves and the preppers that did not store equipment and seeds for planting a large garden to replenish their food supply's.

Learn self sufficient living now, while it is easy.

Lights Out

Helping You Help Yourself.



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