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Gun Rust Removal-A How To Guide

Gun rust removal takes no more than 0000 steel wool, gun oil and a little elbow grease. YOU can remove rust from your firearm.

Gun Rust Removal

Gun rust removal, the bain of blued guns, can be removed with a little effort and a small amount of sweat equity.

Watch our You Tube video on How to: Gun Rust Removal

Causes of Gun Rust

Before we talk about how to remove rust from your gun, let's discuss what causes rust to begin with. Rust is simply oxidation appearing on a metallic surface. This rusting is caused by oxygen interacting with metal. Moisture can appear on any metallic surface easily.

In the case of guns being exposed to rain and snow during hunting season, or for whatever reason, that is simple to understand. You were out in the rain and got the gun wet.

The next reason is condensation. Much like the windows on your car in the winter, a firearm will collect moisture from the warm, damp air in your home when you have had the gun outside in the cold and bring it in.

Another reason for gun rust is you handling a firearm with out wiping it down with an oily cloth after usage or even when picking it up to look at it. A combination of moisture and skin oil from your hands will also rust metal. The acidic nature of skin oil will rust gun metal.

The last and perhaps a more complicated reason for gun rust is storing some solvents or acids in a confined area or room with your guns. This includes a gun safe or cabinet! Vapors escaping from containers holding solvents or acids can and will cause guns to rust. Be careful what you store in the same area with guns.

Gun Rust Removal

How to remove rust from your gun first remove the fore end, butt stock and any other accoutrements that you may have attached to your fire stick.

Using 0000 steel wool (USE ONLY 0000 steel wool. 0, 00 and 000 will remove too much bluing) dab a quality gun oil liberally on to the steel wool. Start rubbing the wool up and down the lingth of the receiver and barrel. Check your work often to make sure you are not removing too much bluing. Once the rust is removed, wipe the gun down with a dry cloth. When you have wiped the old oil and dislodged rust from the gun, apply a clean coat of new oil to the firearm and re-attach the fore end, butt stock and any other equipment you have removed. Store as you would normally.

This isn't brain surgery so don't over complicate it.

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