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Glock Magazine Disassembly

Hi there. Welcome to survival existence. Today we are going to talk about Glock magazine disassembly.

Glock Magazine Disassembly

You can buy a Glock magazine tool for about $25, after shipping. Or you can spend the same $25 buying something else you need or something for your preps.

I'm going to show you how to disassemble a Glock magazine without a special tool. A tool that is only useful for one thing. It's simply not necessary to buy a specialized tool to disassemble a Glock magazine.

In my You Tube video, I'm going to use a punch to remove the floor plate from the magazine and release the magazine insert, spring and follower. In short, a Glock magazine disassembly.

Glock Magazine Disassembly

First I will insert the punch straight down into the hole in the base plate, depressing the pin from the magazine insert. Do not rock the punch back. Keep it straight or you may break the floor plate.

Using your thumb for leverage, pull the floor plate back toward you. You will feel it un-snap from the sides of the magazine. Setting the punch down and using your thumb, push the floor plate from the magazine while keeping your thumb over the insert and spring. Remove the insert, spring and follower. Now you can clean the well in the magazine and the parts you have removed.

Glock Magazine Reassembly

Reassembly is the reverse of assembly. Insert the spring and follower. Make sure to orient the follower properly.

Look at the top of the magazine. The followers should come all the way to the top. If it doesn't, turn the  follower and spring around. Once the follower and the spring are installed properly, put the insert on the top of the spring with the pin towards the outside and the front of the magazine. Press the insert and spring down with your finger, holding them down while you slide the base plate back on to the body of the magazine. You will hear and feel the base plate click back into place.

Look at the base plate to make sure the insert pin has returned to its home. If it hasn't, remove the base plate and reorient the insert properly.

That's all it takes to disassemble and reassemble a Glock magazine.

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How To Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide Pt2

To reassemble the Glock 19 slide, you install the clean parts you have removed in reverse order.

Our Glock 19 You Tube Video

Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide

To reassemble the Glock 19 slide, take the slide and turn it on it's left side, extractor side up, and insert the extractor, being sure to place the pin in the hole. Holding the extractor in place with your finger, turn the slide over and insert the trigger disconnect plunger/pin and spring in it's hole spring side down. Insert the extractor spring/rod making sure the spring side is out. Next, insert the striker/firing pin into it's place, being sure the pin is forward. Now, turn the slide front side down and press the back of the striker/firing pin down into it's channel and slide the rear slide plate into it's place and over the striker/firing pin. Doing so will keep the striker in place while you use a small screwdriver or punch to push the extractor spring/rod down past the rear slide plate. While holding the extractor spring/rod down, push the slide plate all the way into place. You should hear a click.

Once you have reassembled the Glock 19 slide you are ready to install the slide onto the lower hand grip body and properly oil the Glock handgun.

Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide

Many Glock Owners Over Think Oiling

Before reassembling the Glock, lets discuss proper oiling of Glock handguns.

Many Glock owners over think and as a result, over oil the Glock. Many gun manufactures build in close tolerances into their guns in the name of accuracy. These close tolerances cause the gun to do, what the gun was designed to do. Be accurate. The down side of these close tolerances is the need for the gun to be kept well cleaned and well oiled. The Glock is a beast of a different color. It was designed to be very dependable with little thought given to cleanliness.

The dependability of the Glock is legendary. This dependability comes at a price. That price is accuracy. While some accuracy was forsaken, dependability increased dramatically. This dependability is due to greater tolerances in fitted parts. The greater tolerances decrease the need for cleaning and oiling. Less oil present means less fouling, burnt powder and grit sticking to the oil in the critical areas of the gun. Don't misunderstand. The Glock is an accurate gun at combat distances. It's design is more than adequate for it's intended purpose and the gun can out shoot most shooters ability to shoot.

The Glock, as ugly as it is, is the most prefered firearm for most police departments and several special forces types due to its dependability. That translates into an extremely high probability of it going BOOM when you pull the bang switch.

Installing The Slide and Properly Oiling The Glock

A Glock only needs to be oiled in 3 places. Before installing the slide, put one drop of oil on each of the two forward slide guides. Wipe off any excess. Now install the slide and cycle the slide several times including pulling the trigger to insure the slide is installed correctly, the striker/firing pin is operating properly and to spread the oil to all four slide guides. Once you have cycled the gun several times, lock the slide back. With the slide back, put one drop of oil on the top rear of the exposed barrel and cycle it several more times. Lock the slide back once again and check the barrel to see if the oil was spread evenly. If it isn't, use your finger to spread it out.

You have now finished properly cleaning and oiling the Glock handgun.

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