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Black Out Kit - Storm Week

Black Out Kit

A nice item to have in your prepper bag of tricks, is a black out kit. A black out kit consists of all of the gear and assorted useful items you might need when the power is knocked out to your home. When the clouds roll in, lightning strikes and the thunder rolls, you will be thankful you made a black out kit.


black out kit

The items you decide to put in your black out kit depend on what you want and need. The kit can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. The gear you decide to put in your kit will likely be somewhat different from what I put in mine. There will always be some similarities but what your black out kit contains is determined by your needs. Not someone else's.

Your black out kit should be contained in a tote or bag of suitable size for the amount of gear you want to have in case of power failure. I also suggest the bag or tote be placed on the top shelf in your kitchen cupboard, hallway or bedroom. You will want the black out bag easily accessible when needed but not so easy that your kids or spouse rob the bag for a flashlight or batteries for their toys instead of retrieving these item's from their room or where ever you keep these supply's. (I hope you have given your children a flashlight of their own and have them show it to you once in a while).

Items Needed In All Black Out Kits:

  • 2 Flashlights. These flashlights need not be expensive. The LED flashlights that you see for sale on store check out counters and throughout other areas of the store are good for this application. I usually buy the 10 pack card of LED aluminum flash lights for placing in kitchen drawers and in other areas around the house and for our black out kit. Many of these flashlights come with a battery. These batteries are not good quality batteries. Use them up but don't depend on them!
  • AM-FM Weather radio. These radios are useful to keep you apprised of any developing weather or disaster situations.
  • Batteries of suitable size for the flashlights and other electronics in your kit. I buy the 36 count boxes of AA and AAA batteries for use around the house and in our black out kit. In order to keep them fresh, I rotate them out of the black out kit every time I buy new. I place the new box in the kit and put the older box out for usage. When you rotate the batteries out, is a good time to check the contents of your bag to make sure all of the equipment is still there.

Useful Items But Not Necessarily Needed In Black Out Bags

  • LED lantern for wider area lighting.
  • Scanner for listening in on public service workers as they go about dealing with the power outage or disaster. A scanner is a good tool for obtaining intelligence about developing situations.
  • Games or cards to keep yourself and children/grandchildren busy.
  • Bottled water.
  • Snacks
  • Anything else you might think you want.....

Individual  Needs

The continence of your black out bag is highly individual and specific to each family. Make sure every member of the family knows where the kit is, how to use it and the importance of not using the items in the black out bag unless needed.

Gift Suggestion

A great gift suggestion for a friend or family member, (No since of waiting for the Christmas rush!), is a black out bag. They will remember you every time the lights go out.


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