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    Garden Preparation Getting a Garden Spot Ready for Spring Prepare a garden spot for spring planting by using some high mil black plastic. The black plastic will screen out the sun light killing any grass under it. Prepping a garden spot can also be done by placing cardboard over the area to be used [Read […]
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    Char Cloth Today I will show you how to make char cloth and charcoal. Some cotton cloth. Some pieces of wood. A small metal tin with one small hole punched in it. Add some fire and you can make char cloth to start a campfire and charcoal for writing on hard surfaces when you [Read […]

Earthquake Resistant Building

Earthquake resistant building and having a bug out location is the best idea if you live in an urban area. Having an earthquake resistant building to move to in an urban or rural area is an even better idea.


earthquake resistant building

Having a earthquake resistant building you can move to in case of fire or earthquake would be a comfort in case of an event like these and could cost less than you might think.

Earthquake Resistant Building

One of the most difficult problems to overcome when an earthquake hits is the violent shaking. Anything that is permanently attached to the ground and is above ground is subject to a whipping motion of the structure and is amplified more as the structure rises further above ground. If you have a building that isn't directly attached to the ground, it should be an earthquake resistant building.

Storage Shed

The structure I am speaking of is a storage shed. The buildings are not attached directly to the ground. These buildings can be purchased in a configuration that lend themselves to being used as a small house. Some are designed to be used as a small house.

The wooden sheds sold locally are made of 2x4 or 2x6 studs depending on the size of the structure. They can be bought with one or two outside doors, a roll up door with windows and vents installed. The outside is wood sided. The roof can be shingles or metal. The insides are unfinished and is ready for plumbing and electrical wiring to be installed wherever you want receptacles, lights and light switches installed. Add a septic system, insulation, interior walls and drywall then you will have a fully functioning small house. The buildings often have a loft for additional storage.


Of course you will want to place the building on a concrete pad, cap blocks or pavers to aid in the drying of the 4x4 or 6x6 runners that the building is made to sit on and install steel tie down strapping with in ground anchors to add high wind and tornado resistance. Leaving the strapping a little loose to allow the building to shift and scoot with the earth should keep your tiny home intact during all but the most severe earthquakes.

Ideal Off Grid Home

A structure like this would be an ideal off grid home if you install solar cells and a battery bank including enough capacity to operate a simple pump for a well.


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