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Rocket Stove for Emergencies

A concrete block rocket stove is quick to construct during an emergency or to use for outdoor cooking in the fall when the temperature has cooled off.

Rocket stove are constructed simply by creating a path for heat to be directed to the bottom of a pan in order to heat food or purify water. The flue affect of a rocket stove is how this is accomplished. Due to heat from the fire rising, air is drawn in at the bottom of the rocket stove, pushing the heat out of the top and onto the bottom surface of your pan.

In the following YouTube video, I show you how to construct a quick rocket stove for use during emergencies or to use if you want to cook outside during the fall when it has cooled off.

5 Block Rocket Stove

This 5 block rocket stove is very quick to construct and it functions well in an emergency situation. Using 5 blocks. A piece of hardware cloth or expanded metal. A couple of S hooks and some wood, you will be cooking in no time at all. Whether cooking a meal or purifying water this stove is easy to assemble and functions well during an emergency situation.

5 block rocket stove

Assembling the 5 blocks as shown above and placing a bent piece of hardware cloth or expanded metal into the bottom so air can circulate for better combustion of the wood fuel, this emergency rocket stove will serve your cooking needs during an emergency or it works well for an out door kitchen stove for use when you want to spend time outdoors. Remember  to place the S hooks on the top of the stove to create an air gap of about a half inch between the pan and top of the stove for the smoke and heat to escape and continue the flue effect.


5 block rocket stove fire bed

As you can see, the 5 block rocket stove works well.

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