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  • Get Home Bag
    Assembling a get home bag Something is wrong. You don't know what it is. Your car won't start. No planes over head. No sounds of cars on the highway. Do you have a Get Home Bag? Do you have water? Can you make fire? Having a get home bag is important when you are away […]
  • Make Fire With Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine
    Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine Starting a fire is easy with Vaseline soaked cotton balls and some jute twine. In this You Tube video I explain how to use a Vaseline cotton ball as tinder to start a campfire for cooking and keeping warm in survival situations and for camping. Share on Facebook The […]
  • Garden Preparation For Spring
    Garden Preparation Getting a Garden Spot Ready for Spring Prepare a garden spot for spring planting by using some high mil black plastic. The black plastic will screen out the sun light killing any grass under it. Prepping a garden spot can also be done by placing cardboard over the area to be used [Read […]
  • How To Make Char Cloth and Charcoal
    Char Cloth Today I will show you how to make char cloth and charcoal. Some cotton cloth. Some pieces of wood. A small metal tin with one small hole punched in it. Add some fire and you can make char cloth to start a campfire and charcoal for writing on hard surfaces when you [Read […]

Power Inverter In Your Car

For those of us on the go a power inverter is a fantastic thing to have. A power inverter allows you to operate your laptop or tablet from your vehicle. Inverters come in many different Power ranges. The particular type of power inverter I am discussing is designed to plug into your cigarette lighter.

Power Inverter For Your Cigarette Lighter Socket1

You can buy this Cyber Power, Inverter here.

The inverter that I am talking about is a 160 watt power inverter. It is designed to plug into your cigarette lighter and operate most laptops and tablets. It has a pivoting head so you can turn it where it's convenient. Whether your cigarette lighter is in your dashboard or your console, the head pivots.

Cyber Power Inverter

The Cyber power Inverter has a 110 volt plug for your tablet or laptop and a USB connector. If you're like me and "On The Go" constantly, it is very convenient to be able to operate your laptop from your vehicle without running the computer's battery down. These inverters are not designed to operate large appliances so you will not be able to run your coffee pot, microwave, a large compressor or any other item that requires a large amount of power. These inverters only provide approximately 160 watts of power.

In a post a few days ago I posted about attaching a power inverter to your vehicle to run lights and perhaps a few small appliances from your vehicle battery during a power outage. The reason I said to connect the inverter with the clamps directly to the battery was due to the limiting factor of the cigarette lighter in a vehicle. It can only provide approximately 150 to 160 watts of power. Anymore than that will blow the cars lighter fuse.

When I am out and about, I can stop at any place that has a public WiFi connection to upload large video files that I shoot for my YouTube channel "Survival Existence". Having my computer and the ability to use it anywhere is a great convenience.

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Battery Charger And Rechargeable Batteries

A Battery charger and rechargeable batteries are a great way to save money on batteries for all the electronics used in your home. If you can get your children involved in recharging the batteries they use in game controllers, flashlights and various other electronics they use, you will easily save more money than the battery charger and rechargeable batteries cost! That is a good ROI (return on investment).

In the following YouTube video I demonstrate how simple it is to recharge your own batteries. The battery charger and rechargeable batteries I am using are some I have had for a couple of years and were bought locally. I now have a faster smart charger and once I cycle through the old batteries I already have, I will replace them with Eneloop batteries due to the longer life cycle they have.

(youtube video)

Eneloop 4th generation batteries have a longer life cycle. 2100 charge/discharge cycles and they retain 90% of their charge after 1 year of storage. With me being a prepper/survivalist, both of these pieces of information are very important to me.

Battery Charger And Rechargeable Batteries

Having flashlights, radios and various other pieces of equipment are important in an emergency or a disaster. But having all the equipment in the world will mean nothing if you do not have batteries available and a way to charge them. Ask anyone who has suffered through a short term, much less a long term power outage. Batteries are gone from the stores shelves within minutes after a power outage. It doesn't matter what the cause of the power outage was. All of the batteries will be bought up within minutes after a power outage, leaving you and your family without lights and radio.

You, your wife or husband and kids will sit in the dark wondering what that noise was. Wondering if a thug, taking advantage of the power outage, is about to break in and rob you, rape your wife or worse, rape your children.

Even if nothing bad happens, best case, you will sit in the dark without a working flashlight or radio. Not knowing what has happened or how long the outage will last.

Bottom Line: Buy a battery charger and some rechargeable batteriesYou can thank me after your next power outage. But for now, take care of your family!

eneloop AA rechargeable batteries

Buy Eneloop AA Pack

eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries

Buy Eneloop AAA Pack

smart charger

Buy PS Smart Power Battery Charger for AA or AAA Batteries with USB charging port

I want you to have a quick charger for those times when resources are scarce. Like a power outage. You will not need to waste running a generator or your vehicle for several hours charging batteries.

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Rocket Stove for Emergencies

A concrete block rocket stove is quick to construct during an emergency or to use for outdoor cooking in the fall when the temperature has cooled off.

Rocket stove are constructed simply by creating a path for heat to be directed to the bottom of a pan in order to heat food or purify water. The flue affect of a rocket stove is how this is accomplished. Due to heat from the fire rising, air is drawn in at the bottom of the rocket stove, pushing the heat out of the top and onto the bottom surface of your pan.

In the following YouTube video, I show you how to construct a quick rocket stove for use during emergencies or to use if you want to cook outside during the fall when it has cooled off.

5 Block Rocket Stove

This 5 block rocket stove is very quick to construct and it functions well in an emergency situation. Using 5 blocks. A piece of hardware cloth or expanded metal. A couple of S hooks and some wood, you will be cooking in no time at all. Whether cooking a meal or purifying water this stove is easy to assemble and functions well during an emergency situation.

5 block rocket stove

Assembling the 5 blocks as shown above and placing a bent piece of hardware cloth or expanded metal into the bottom so air can circulate for better combustion of the wood fuel, this emergency rocket stove will serve your cooking needs during an emergency or it works well for an out door kitchen stove for use when you want to spend time outdoors. Remember  to place the S hooks on the top of the stove to create an air gap of about a half inch between the pan and top of the stove for the smoke and heat to escape and continue the flue effect.


5 block rocket stove fire bed

As you can see, the 5 block rocket stove works well.

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Generator Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing your generator is an important thing to place on your to do list at your home or homestead. A generator is quite often thought of as being very useful tool during a power outage, and it is. The generator's usage is for far more than power outages only.

generator service


A generator can be easily transported to anyplace on your homestead or in your yard where power it is not easily accessible. Whether using a pole saw to prune limbs from trees, shaping bushes or using a drill and the many other things that can be accomplished with the usage of a generator.

In this YouTube video I explain and show you how to maintain your generator.

Maintaining your equipment is very important. The maintenance on a generator is no different than the maintenance on any other small engine. Whether it is a lawn mower, pressure washer or any other piece of equipment that uses a small engine.

Oil Change

The first thing we will do is change the oil. You  will need an oil drip pan, a wrench of suitable size to fit the drain plug of the small engine. A rag of some type and a funnel. Once these items have been assembled, slide the oil pan under the oil drain plug of the generator engine and loosen it. While the oil is draining out, check the drain plug and gasket for cracks or any other damage. Wipe away any build up or sludge that may appear on the drain plug or gasket and clean them thoroughly.

Once the oil has completely stop dripping from the engine, replace the plug. Tighten the drain plug fairly tight but do not over tighten or you will damage the seal. Checking the literature that came with your generator or small engine, find out what weight and type of motor oil the manufacturer suggests be placed in the engine. Also check the amount required and this this amount into the engine. Once you have refill the oil reservoir, place the oil dipstick back into its threaded receptacle. Turn it back out and check the oil level. If it's full, great! If it is not, add enough oil to bring the level up to the full mark on the dipstick.

Air Filter

Our next check is the air filter.

The air filter, located on the side of the carburetor opposite the engine, is important to be kept clean so the engine can operate properly. A dirty air filter will cause your engine to miss, flood and sometimes not operate at all if it is not maintained properly.

Find the air filter canister and remove its cover. Usually it is attached with one or more thumb screws. Once the cover has been removed, you should use compressed air to blow through the filter to remove dust and other particles. Blow from the engine side of the filter out to dislodge the dirt and dust. If you do not have an air compressor, you can simply strike the foam air filter on a hard surface to dislodge as much of the particulate matter as possible.

Before returning the filter to the canister, cover the carburetor opening with a clean shop rag and blow the air cleaner canister out, removing any dust, dirt or foreign matter. Once this has been accomplished, return the filter to the canister. Replace the cover and tighten the thumbscrews.

Spark Plug

The spark plug or plugs should be removed, cleaned and gauged after several hours of operation. If you notice an abnormal amount of fouling or if your spark plug is arcing any place other than the electrode it should be replaced. Check the ceramic on the plug. If it is cracked, it should be replaced.

Starting The Generator

It is hard on an engine to not be ran regularly. A generator is no different. Your generator should be started at least once a month and allowed to run for several minutes until it reaches operating temperature. If your generator is an electric start model, ie with a battery, it should be started at least once a month and the battery should be put on a charger once every two weeks to maintain its charge level and to extend the battery life. A generator should never be started under a load. Always turn off the breaker or remove any equipment that may be plugged into the generator prior to starting.

Closing Thoughts

The fuel in your generator is it's life blood. Always add fuel stabilizer to your fuel. Failing to do so will result in a clogged carburetor and involve removing the tank and rebuilding the carburetor. It costs less to add fuel stabilizer than it does to fix a clogged carburetor.

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Our Offensive speech Is Under Attack

Our offensive speech is under attack. In our present day politically correct society, the freedom of speech we all cherish, is under daily attack for hurting someone's feelings.

Offensive speech

We are told that we are a bigoted racist if our low opinion of Black Lives Matter is, that it is another racist organization and is no better than the KKK. Both are racist. If our opinion doesn't correspond with that of the progressive's, then we must be bigots. These so called well educated, highly intelligent progressives should perhaps take the time to look up the definition of bigot. The bigots are the progressives themselves.

Our Offensive speech

What ever happened to "if you don't like what I have to say, don't listen?" Is that offensive speech? It isn't! Just because you may not like what I have to say doesn't make it offensive speech.

As for myself, if you don't think you will like to hear the truth about a subject, don't ask! And if you are in ear shot when I am asked for my opinion about a subject, plug your ears. You very well may not like what I have to say. If what you or me have to say traumatizes someone to the point that the mere utterance of an opinion that differs from theirs, (look up the word bigot), they need to run to their safe space and cower in the corner like the true idiot they are. Yeah, those butt hurt feeling fools need to look up the word idiot too!

The so called leaders in our country are living a contradiction of their own behaviors. This progressive Socialistic leadership speaks of white privilege. The most vocal of the lot are white and wealthy.

These progressives think they have the majority of the public in their corner. They don't, and they will not face the fact of the public's staunch opposition to their political pandering to minorities of race, religion and sexual orientation.

The next question you should ask yourself is, "why are these politicians pandering to any minority?" Do you think it's for garnering political support from them"? Maybe for "political favors?" I don't think so. I think it is more sinister than that. Much more!

Look at most of the "white privilege" progressives. Most of them are white and privileged. They aren't about to give up their privilege and it doesn't matter who you are. Black, white, green or blue.

I believe the majority of Americans have reached their limit of the promotion of stupidly from government. Black and white. Hispanic and Oriental. Gay and straight. I feel the tipping point came this summer when the Obama administration unilaterally decided that all government buildings, including schools, would make the boys and girls bathrooms and locker rooms unsexed and Targets bright idea of doing the same at their stores. Target has took a big hit in the stock market for their actions. The Obama administration has also took a big hit in the approval polls. The public is tired of dealing with this kind of stupidly.

Hold Your Ears

I believe, as I have for a long time, our leaders are trying to divide us. Trying to keep everyone occupied to the point of not paying attention to what they are doing. Shaking their left hand in the air. Preaching division and hate, while all the time raping us with their right hand. I believe a very large majority of Americans are coming to the realization of the government is not in our corner.

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Turn Your Car Into a Generator

You can turn your car into a generator during a power outage.

In this article I will explain how to use your vehicle as an emergency generator. This emergency generator can be used to power lights. Run a radio or television. Power your router, modem and lap top computer.

YouTube Video Showing You How To Turn Your Car Into a Generator

Power Outage

This emergency generator set up is not magic. It isn't designed to power your refrigerator, conditioner, heating or central heat and air unit. It is designed to provide light. Run a box fan during hot weather. Provide power to operate a small modern television or radio and power your lap top computer, modem and router during a power outage.

The name of the game is efficiency. A LED light bulb is far more efficient than an incandescent light bulb. For instance, a 40 watt incandescent light bulb consumes 40 watts of energy.  An equivalent size LED bulb is approximately 5.5 watts and consumes 5.5 watts. I'm not suggesting you use 5.5 watt LED light bulbs unless you need that much light. In most cases you will not need that much light. In the interest of efficiency, you only need as much light as is necessary to keep you from stumbling over the furniture or stubbing your toe on the coffee table and exposing your children, and the whole neighborhood, to several adjectives that are best not pronounced in mixed company.

The Name of the Game is Efficiency

Efficiency is the most important factor when using any alternative power source. The bottom line is: The more efficient each light and piece of electronic equipment is, the more items you can attach to the system or the less power required to operate the system. That, in turn translates to, the longer the power source will last.


•A word about safety and the use of internal combustion engines. NEVER run your vehicle in an enclosed garage. Don't even run it with the door open.  At a minimum, move the rear portion of your vehicle out of the garage to allow carbon monoxide to escape into the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. It tends to collect in enclosed spaces even when it has a way to escape. NEVER EVER RUN YOUR VEHICLE IN AN ENCLOSED GARAGE!

Equipment Needed To Turn Your Car Into A Generator

–If you want to buy these items through Amazon and support this website and YouTube channel, I have placed the links for each item in this equipment list. –I thank you.–

  • 1 Plastic tote. Best bought locally. I can't tell you how important it is to have the equipment needed, where you need it, when you need it. If you keep the needed items where they are supposed to be and never use anything out of it until a power outage, you don't have to be concerned about having the equipment, when you need it, to turn your car into a generator. If it's kept in a single tote, it will be in one place and will take only a few minutes to have lights, a police scanner, weather radio and a small TV on and running so you can be informed of an evolving disaster.
  • 1- 410 watt Schumacher power inverter. I suggest the Schumacher power inverter because they have a proven record of excellence in design and function. I suggest the 410 watt inverter because your vehicle can only produce so much power from the alternator.
  • 2- or more extension cords. You will need enough extension cords to run from your vehicle into the house. The longer the distance, the larger gauge cord you will need.
  • 4- 2.5 watt LED light bulbs. This the size bulb you will want to use most of the time in order to conserve power. Buy these at Wal-Mart. They are much less expensive!
  • 1-  5.5 watt LED light bulb. This brighter bulb is for the rare occasion when you need a brighter light.
  • 2- small LED flashlights with batteries. For the times you need to venture into parts of your home that doesn't have lights.
  • 2- LED lanterns with batteries. For when you need to venture out side to check on your car or home.
  • 1- LED rope light. LED rope lights can light up a hallway and 2 rooms.
  • 2- 3 Outlet AC splitter plugs.

How To Turn Your Car Into A Generator

No matter how inept you feel about electrical work, you can assemble this emergency generator.

•Do remember that the voltage the power inverter puts out is the same AC voltage that is in your home. It can kill you dead, dead, dead! Treat it with the same respect as you do the electricity in your home.

The most complicated thing about constructing this emergency generator system is attaching the power inverter to the battery, and that's not complicated. Anyone can do it!

The power inverter comes with 2 sets of power leads. A cigarette lighter socket and a set of clamps like small jumper cables. Discard the  cigarette lighter socket plug. The inverter can consume more power than the cigarette lighter plug can produce and will blow the fuse in your car. You want to use the clamps that connect directly to the battery. Go ahead and connect the battery clamps to the power inverter with the round washer type ends attaching to the 2 posts on the back of the inverter.

Also attach the inverter to a board of suitable size that you can store it but large enough to keep the inverter from falling into the engine compartment and becoming entangled in the belts or fan. Leave both of them them attached  while stored. No since in having to fumble around in the dark trying to attach them during a storm.


Back your vehicle out of the garage and pop the hood. Attach the inverter to the battery by clamping the red clamp to the positive post of the battery (Normally the positive post will be marked with a plus sign). Attach the black clamp to the negative post.  (Normally the negative post will be marked with a minus sign). Flip the switch to the on position. The red light will light up momentarily then go off. The green light will come on and stay on. This tells you that the inverter is attached properly and is ready for use. You are now ready to run the extension cords into the house. I do this by opening a window and laying a rolled up towel on the windowsill, then running the first cord through and laying another rolled towel on top of the first towel and cord and letting the window down to keep weather and bugs out. After attaching the first cord and putting through the window, go inside and attach the lights, modem, router, small TV and any other low power demand items you want to run, making sure to not exceed 75% of the rated output of the power inverter. I always try to not push the limits of electrical equipment. Electrical equipment lasts longer if you don't push it to it's limits.

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How To Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide Pt2

To reassemble the Glock 19 slide, you install the clean parts you have removed in reverse order.

Our Glock 19 You Tube Video

Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide

To reassemble the Glock 19 slide, take the slide and turn it on it's left side, extractor side up, and insert the extractor, being sure to place the pin in the hole. Holding the extractor in place with your finger, turn the slide over and insert the trigger disconnect plunger/pin and spring in it's hole spring side down. Insert the extractor spring/rod making sure the spring side is out. Next, insert the striker/firing pin into it's place, being sure the pin is forward. Now, turn the slide front side down and press the back of the striker/firing pin down into it's channel and slide the rear slide plate into it's place and over the striker/firing pin. Doing so will keep the striker in place while you use a small screwdriver or punch to push the extractor spring/rod down past the rear slide plate. While holding the extractor spring/rod down, push the slide plate all the way into place. You should hear a click.

Once you have reassembled the Glock 19 slide you are ready to install the slide onto the lower hand grip body and properly oil the Glock handgun.

Reassemble The Glock 19 Slide

Many Glock Owners Over Think Oiling

Before reassembling the Glock, lets discuss proper oiling of Glock handguns.

Many Glock owners over think and as a result, over oil the Glock. Many gun manufactures build in close tolerances into their guns in the name of accuracy. These close tolerances cause the gun to do, what the gun was designed to do. Be accurate. The down side of these close tolerances is the need for the gun to be kept well cleaned and well oiled. The Glock is a beast of a different color. It was designed to be very dependable with little thought given to cleanliness.

The dependability of the Glock is legendary. This dependability comes at a price. That price is accuracy. While some accuracy was forsaken, dependability increased dramatically. This dependability is due to greater tolerances in fitted parts. The greater tolerances decrease the need for cleaning and oiling. Less oil present means less fouling, burnt powder and grit sticking to the oil in the critical areas of the gun. Don't misunderstand. The Glock is an accurate gun at combat distances. It's design is more than adequate for it's intended purpose and the gun can out shoot most shooters ability to shoot.

The Glock, as ugly as it is, is the most prefered firearm for most police departments and several special forces types due to its dependability. That translates into an extremely high probability of it going BOOM when you pull the bang switch.

Installing The Slide and Properly Oiling The Glock

A Glock only needs to be oiled in 3 places. Before installing the slide, put one drop of oil on each of the two forward slide guides. Wipe off any excess. Now install the slide and cycle the slide several times including pulling the trigger to insure the slide is installed correctly, the striker/firing pin is operating properly and to spread the oil to all four slide guides. Once you have cycled the gun several times, lock the slide back. With the slide back, put one drop of oil on the top rear of the exposed barrel and cycle it several more times. Lock the slide back once again and check the barrel to see if the oil was spread evenly. If it isn't, use your finger to spread it out.

You have now finished properly cleaning and oiling the Glock handgun.

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How To Disassemble The Slide of a Glock 19 Pt1

Learning how to disassemble the slide of a Glock 19 is important if you carry and shoot a glock. Once you learn how, it becomes simple. With the use of a glock armors tool or punch, a few cleaning supply's and a small amount of oil, you will learn how to disassemble and clean the slide of a Glock 19.

How To Disassemble The Slide of a Glock 19

In the above You Tube video, I show you how to  disassemble and clean the slide of a Glock 19. Some people have never cleaned the internal components of their Glock slide because they are afrade they might damage something or not be able to re-assemble the gun. Fear no more. I am going to show you how to disassemble, clean and re-assemble the slide on a Glock. It is simple. The glock firearm was designed for easy disassembly and re-assembly with a minimum amount of tools.

  • First and foremost, remove the magazine and check the chamber. Check and re-check the chamber to make sure the gun is empty.
  • Next, pulling slightly back on the slide, pull both sides of the slide release down. Let the slide come forward, removing it from the frame. Set it aside.
  • Turning the slide over, you will see the firing pin or striker assembly and channel. Forward of the striker lug you will find a black spring cup. Using a Glock armors tool or a small pin punch, insert the punch behind the cup and push it forward, holding it in place.
  • With the striker spring held forward, slide the back cover or plate form the slide, keeping you finger over the void.
  • Once the slide is removed, slide the firing pin or striker from the slide along with the extractor rod and spring.
  • Also on the bottom, but in the middle, is the round trigger safety plunger. Push it down to remove it. If it doesn't pop up, manipulate the extractor some until it comes free. You may have to tap the the slide on a table lightly to remove it.
  • Next, remove the extractor. It has a pin on the back side but is free at this point. You may have to tap the slide on it's side to remove it also.

How To Disassemble The Slide of a Glock 19

This is how to disassemble the slide of a Glock 19.

You are now ready to clean the slide.

If you would like to purchase a Glock armors tool, Burchwood Casey Gun Scrubber or a gun cleaning kit and support this website or if you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, please use this link to Buy from

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Stripped Out Screw Fix for Wood

A stripped out screw can be easily fixed with a match stick and wood glue.

Stripped Out Screw Fix

A stripped out screw hole in wood is easily fixed by inserting a piece of wood into the screw hole, along with a little bit of white glue to prepare the hole for the screw.

This fix can save you time and money by avoiding replacement of whole sections of wood in cabinets, door facings and furniture. This DIY fix takes only a few minutes and the repair will be stronger than the original fastening screw.

This method can also be used on masonry by using a small piece of lead or in metal by using a piece of brass.

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Great Screw Driver

The multi tip screw driver is a fantastic tool to have in your tool box for repair at work or around the home. In this You Tube video I show you a driver that is strong, unlike some of the ones that contain the bits in the handle or are kept separate from the screw driver.

Great Screw Driver

I, admittedly an a sucker for multi use tools. This screw driver has 2 sizes of common and 2 sizes of Phillips head bits making 4 driver ends to take care of most on your needs around the home and on the job.

If you have ever carried tools around in a pouch for a living, you know how much difference even a small amount of weight makes at the end of the day.

I am not a fan of the drivers that have the bits in the handle or are kept separated from the screw driver. The drivers with the bits in the handle are weak. The one that have the bit separated from the driver are difficult to keep up with. I am constantly losing them. This driver, on the other hand, keeps the tips in place in the shank.

These screw drivers can be bought for $5.00 to $20.00, depending on the manufacturer. The one shown in the You tube video was bought from Rural King but most well stocked tool stores will have them on hand.

This multi tip screw driver sits well in a tool pouch, tool box or in a kitchen drawer. With it's multi tips, it will save you many trips back to your tool box to retrieve another screw driver.

If you would like to purchase this screwdriver and support this website or if you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, please use this link to Buy from

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