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Glock Magazine Disassembly

Hi there. Welcome to survival existence. Today we are going to talk about Glock magazine disassembly.

Glock Magazine Disassembly

You can buy a Glock magazine tool for about $25, after shipping. Or you can spend the same $25 buying something else you need or something for your preps.

I'm going to show you how to disassemble a Glock magazine without a special tool. A tool that is only useful for one thing. It's simply not necessary to buy a specialized tool to disassemble a Glock magazine.

In my You Tube video, I'm going to use a punch to remove the floor plate from the magazine and release the magazine insert, spring and follower. In short, a Glock magazine disassembly.

Glock Magazine Disassembly

First I will insert the punch straight down into the hole in the base plate, depressing the pin from the magazine insert. Do not rock the punch back. Keep it straight or you may break the floor plate.

Using your thumb for leverage, pull the floor plate back toward you. You will feel it un-snap from the sides of the magazine. Setting the punch down and using your thumb, push the floor plate from the magazine while keeping your thumb over the insert and spring. Remove the insert, spring and follower. Now you can clean the well in the magazine and the parts you have removed.

Glock Magazine Reassembly

Reassembly is the reverse of assembly. Insert the spring and follower. Make sure to orient the follower properly.

Look at the top of the magazine. The followers should come all the way to the top. If it doesn't, turn the  follower and spring around. Once the follower and the spring are installed properly, put the insert on the top of the spring with the pin towards the outside and the front of the magazine. Press the insert and spring down with your finger, holding them down while you slide the base plate back on to the body of the magazine. You will hear and feel the base plate click back into place.

Look at the base plate to make sure the insert pin has returned to its home. If it hasn't, remove the base plate and reorient the insert properly.

That's all it takes to disassemble and reassemble a Glock magazine.

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