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Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

A get home bag is for returning home safe and sound when traveling to work, on vacation or whenever you are "just going down the road". Often confused with a bug out bag, a get home bag contains only the items you need for basic survival in the conditions you will be traveling in.

get home bag

A get home bag can and does take on several different designs and is filled with different support gear. Some people try to tell you what you need in a bag. No one, unless they live in the area you will be traveling in, can tell you what items you need. If you stop and think about it, the gear someone needs in a desert is far different form the items you need in the mountains.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The differences in temperature, rain, snow, availability of water and the time of year will all greatly influence what you should carry. Heavy clothing and insulated underwear could be useful in a cold climate. In the desert you need extra water. You get the picture. In the world of get home bags, one size doesn't fit all. If you try to meet and exceed your expectations of being prepared for all possible scenarios, you would be carrying the weight of your entire home on your back. We can't prep for everything so we prep for the most likely scenarios for our area.


Some Gear Is Common To All Get Home Bags

The need for water and a filter should be the most important piece of gear. Next is fire and several ways to make fire. After fire, depending on distance you may have to travel, is food. Good quality knife. Compass and map of the area you are traveling. Good hiking footwear, keeping in mind you may have to travel over land to get home quicker. Items like these are common to all get home and bug out bags. After these items, the gear enters the realm depends!

It Depends

It depends on the environment in which you will be traveling. How far you may have to travel and what mode of transportation you will be using. As far as transportation goes, I always assume I will have to travel by foot. It will be simply good luck if you can find a mode of transportation that doesn't involve walking during a grid down situation. That being said, you need weapons. Hopefully a firearm, a good pair of hiking boots or shoes and extra socks to change out as needed.

Depends On Environment

The other gear you need will depend on the environment and time of year. In warmer weather you may need bug spray, possibly even a screened (no see-um) hood, cap or hat and wet weather gear among other items.

In cooler or colder climates, you need extra warm clothing, insulated boots, possibly snow shoes, wet weather gear and other items.

Think about the environment you will be in. Then and only then, decide for yourself what gear you will need.

Emergency Food

You would think you would need emergency food in all get home bags and you could be right. But not necessarily so. If you work 10 miles from home, you don't need food unless you are disabled to the extent of not being able to travel more than 2 miles a day.


Helping You Help Yourself



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