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Emergency Communications

Emergency communications is an important prep. Knowing how to contact other people in your community and group of preppers when the world around you goes silent can make the difference between life and death in some circumstances.

Link to buy this UV-5R radio and equipment:

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The Baofeng UV-5R is a low price emergency communications device. This radio can receive AND transmit on ham, police, ambulance, fire, GMRS, MURS among others for the low price of $25.99


If you decide to use this radio for emergency com's, go ahead and order an antenna for it. The one that comes on the UV5R is poor at best. This radio, with an adapter, can also use a low priced dual band magnet mount antenna for your car or truck or a base, pole or tower mounted antenna to expand your range.

This radio does not have the receiver sensitivity nor the clean transmit signal that a HAM, commercial or public service radios have but it also doesn't have the high price of them either!

•Check the FCC website for the rules and regulations concerning different radio services frequencies and power restrictions and license requirements. FCC License Requirements.

Some radio services require a license. Some do not. Check the FCC website to find out if you need a license or not. Follow these regulations pre SHTF. Post SHTF, do what you have to do to survive!

Are you ready to stay in contact when the world around you goes silent?
Staying in contact with the world around you when disaster strikes is very important. The information gained from contact with the outside world can dramatically affect your ability to survive.
Having radio contact with near by friends and family will be essential to your survival.

Helping You Help Yourself


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