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  • Get Home Bag
    Assembling a get home bag Something is wrong. You don't know what it is. Your car won't start. No planes over head. No sounds of cars on the highway. Do you have a Get Home Bag? Do you have water? Can you make fire? Having a get home bag is important when you are away […]
  • Make Fire With Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine
    Vaseline Cotton Ball and Jute Twine Starting a fire is easy with Vaseline soaked cotton balls and some jute twine. In this You Tube video I explain how to use a Vaseline cotton ball as tinder to start a campfire for cooking and keeping warm in survival situations and for camping. Share on Facebook The […]
  • Garden Preparation For Spring
    Garden Preparation Getting a Garden Spot Ready for Spring Prepare a garden spot for spring planting by using some high mil black plastic. The black plastic will screen out the sun light killing any grass under it. Prepping a garden spot can also be done by placing cardboard over the area to be used [Read […]
  • How To Make Char Cloth and Charcoal
    Char Cloth Today I will show you how to make char cloth and charcoal. Some cotton cloth. Some pieces of wood. A small metal tin with one small hole punched in it. Add some fire and you can make char cloth to start a campfire and charcoal for writing on hard surfaces when you [Read […]

About Me And Liberty

September 11th 2015.
My name is Bobby Ferguson. I am very anti established political party. Neither Republican or Democrat. I am a Libertarian. I think you should be able to do whatever you want as long as what you're doing does not adversely affect someone else. I am very pro 2nd and 4th amendment. I am a constitutionalist. A strong believer in individual liberty. I am a prepper / survivalist.
In my life I have worn many hats. Journeyman maintenance mechanic, Foundry-man, Law enforcement, Fitter -  welder and Self-employed carpenter electrician and plumber.
I have seen far more hate, discontent and harm that humans can do to each other, than any one man should ever have to see. I started this blog to pass on some of the life skills and hard skills that I have learned during my life.
I am presently raising my 15 year old grandson. His mother, my daughter, passed away about a year ago. I am trying to teach him honesty and honor above all else, regardless of what other people around you are doing. To help those around you who need a hand up, not a hand out.


I think our nation and the world in turn will fall. Our government has became something that our Fore Fathers wouldn't recognize. Our nation will need a core group of people to rebuild. I want to contribute to the making of that core group, regardless of it failing during or after my life time. I want liberty to flourish once again.
Bobby Ferguson.

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